Terms of Service.
● The designer has the right to refuse any project/commission request.
● Upon payment, the client agrees to the Terms of Service and a copy will be attached to the invoice.
● Anything in the Terms of Service can be discussed with the designer and adjusted prior to any payment.
● By default, the design process may be streamed live on Twitch (twitch.tv/melonturtle) as well as teased on social media. Full privacy after project completion may incur additional fees and the client must notify the designer of any restrictions prior to any payment.
● All projects are handled as digital goods, meaning no physical items will be shipped.

● All payment is in GBP(£).
● All payment is made through PayPal invoicing.
● Full payment should be made upfront. Invoice totals over £70 can be paid 50% upfront, with the remaining 50% due before the delivery of any final files.

● The designer has the right to cancel and refund any project if it cannot be completed for any reason.
● The client is eligible for a full refund if cancelled before the delivery of a first draft/design preview.
● If the client chooses to cancel a project after the delivery of a first draft/design preview, no refunds will be issued unless deadlines or other requirements agreed by the designer and client are unable to be met.

● Deadlines, if desired, have to be communicated and agreed on with the designer prior to any payment. These affect the project cost and can be refused by the designer.
● A preview or draft of the first design of a project will be provided to the client to confirm satisfaction of the visual direction. Subsequent design updates of the same visual direction are provided occasionally but can be requested at any point by the client. All designs will be confirmed as final before delivery.
● Small revisions keeping within the same visual direction are included with all projects but encouraged to be kept concise. Large or extensive revisions may incur additional fees and is to be assessed by the designer in each case.
● By default, all project files are delivered to the client via email as .png images. It is then the client’s responsibility to save and store any project files.
● Any additional work outside of the initial project, including edits to already finalised/confirmed designs, can be refused or will be quoted and charged accordingly.

● By default, the designer retains all rights to the designs and allows the client to use the designs for their intended purpose only.
● The client does not have the right to repurpose, redistribute, or revise any of the design work.
● If the client purchases any editable project files (.psd, .ai, etc.), they will be able to revise the designs for themselves but still cannot repurpose or redistribute them unless communicated and agreed on with the designer prior to any payment. These extended rights can be refused or will be quoted and charged accordingly.

Last Modified: September 27, 2020
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