Terms of Service.
All payment is in GBP £ through PayPal invoicing and payment must be received upfront in full for projects under £50. Projects over £50 have the option to be paid with 50% upfront. The client is eligible for a full refund if made before the delivery of a first draft/first design. In the event of a project cancellation, all rights to the designs are retained by the designer.
Progress updates and drafts are available for the client if desired. The first design of a project will always be previewed to the client to confirm satisfaction on the overall visuals. Small revisions are included with all projects. Once a visual direction has been established for the project, no complete overhauls will take place. Large or extensive revisions may incur an additional fee and is to be assessed by the designer in a case by case scenario.
After the final payment, the client owns the rights to the designs and branding. The designer will never re-purpose the designs for other clients or projects. The designer reserves the right to publicly display the final project on social media, portfolio presentations, and any other marketing. Delaying this is possible, but the client must notify the designer in advance before project completion. Full privacy may incur additional fees.
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